Meet the Blended team

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Leila Berlie


When I was 3 years old I was taken to my first dance lesson. I completely fell in love with Ballet, Tap and Modern dance and ended up dancing my way through my childhood! When I was 14 I auditioned and was accepted into The BRIT School of Performing Arts. It was such an achivement for myself! Being a dancer, you have to keep your body in good shape so I have always been into eating a healthy diet. Unfortunately, during my years at The BRIT School I had some bad knee injuries and this made me realise that dance couldn’t be my career. It was heart breaking as it was all I had wanted to do from a very young age.   

Coming out of college I took a job in a restaurant which is where I gained my passion for food and flavour combinations. Exercise being a very important part of my life, I also worked in some gyms and gained my REPS Level 1.

My last move took me into the City working in recruitment. This was a fun and fast paced sales role however, because I was working long hours I found it difficult keeping up with my healthy lifestyle. This is when I thought of the idea for Blended Superfoods. 

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Gina gainsley


For most of my life I was so used to feeling groggy, tired and never having the energy to do everything I wanted to do, I thought it was normal! Growing up we thought we had a healthy diet, but many things that I considered healthy like dairy and gluten were making me feel terrible. It wasn't until I went to Belgium, where I worked as an English teacher, that I experienced the effects of a really poor diet. Too many carbs, sugar and dairy and a serious lack of greens left me feeling wrung out to dry.

Looking around me I could see the effect that the diet was having on everyone else too as their bodies became weaker and developing multiple health issues. It suddenly dawned on me that it didn't have to be this way. We could give our bodies what they need and feel fresh, lively and strong. It was such a simple thought but I had never put two and two together until then. 

I left Belgium and came back to the UK where I currently study Nutritional Therapy. Since then I have been able to start properly exercising and I am always full of beans! I am enthusiastic for the effects of a clean, healthy diet and consider nothing more exciting than being able to help others achieve the same. That is why I'm very excited to be a part of Blended Superfoods.